Each currently enrolled SHARP SEMINARS student will be given the opportunity to take a three hour in-class Practice Exam at no additional cost. One purpose of this Practice Exam is to give each student a test taking experience similar to the CFA® exam, away from the interruptions of office and home. Although the CFA exam is 6 hours long – a full day, we believe our 3 hour exam covering the assigned topics will be very helpful in preparing for the CFA exam.

Often students find they do poorly on the CFA exam because of improper test-taking strategies, particularly poor time management. The Practice Exam can help students rethink their test-taking strategies and be better prepared for the CFA exam.

At the end of the Practice Exam, students will hand in their answer sheets, so we can determine their score. They will be given the correct answer and solution to each Practice Exam question, so they can review their answers themselves.

After the Practice Exam, SHARP SEMINARS students should be more focused and better prepared for the CFA exam.